Wine #4 in our 5-wine countdown to the holidays: Estancia 2016 Monterey County Pinot Noir

One of the many fascinating aspects of wine is its nuance.  Depending on where and how it is grown,  the identical grape can produce a wide variety of flavors.  For example, a French pinot noir (aka Burgundy) tastes different than a New Zealand pinot noir which tastes different than a German pinot noir and on and on and on

Today’s featured wine, the fourth in our five wine holiday countdown, is a perfect example of same grape/different end product.

Yesterday we highlighted a Yamhill County pinot, Planet Oregon.  Today, the focus is a Monterey County pinot, Estancia, produced 700 miles to the south where the variances in soil and climate result in a distinctly California pinot experience.

Rather than the typical Oregon pinot taste profile…cranberry, earth, mushroom…the Estancia version has a fuller fruit taste…plum, allspice, even cola.  The Estancia has found its way onto several “best buy” lists.  I get it.  The fruit is augmented with enough acid to give it nice energy, especially for the price.

Just for fun, taste Planet Oregon and Estancia Monterey County back to back.  I think you’ll find they are both worthy expressions of pinot noir.  They just go about it in their own unique way.

As of December 20, we found Estancia 2016 Monterey County Pinot Noir at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood               $13.49            Fred Meyer  Hawthorne        $13.49

QFC  NE 56th & Burnside            $14.99


Fred Meyer   Stadium               $13.49               Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.           $13.49

Fred Meyer   Beaverton            $13.49               Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills        $13.49

Bale’s Thriftway  NW Cornell     $13.99              QFC  Barnes & Miller             $14.99


Fred Meyer    SW Barbur        $13.49                 Fred Meyer  Tualatin              $13.49