2014 Elk Cove Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

There are over 700 wineries in Oregon.   And just as many interesting stories.

Elk Cove Winery’s story dates back 43 years.

In 1974, The Campbell family started growing grapes in the foothills of the Coast Range near Gaston.   At the time,  there were less than ten wineries in the state.

Less than ten.

As was typical of those Oregon wine-producing pioneers, every member of the Campbell family pitched in and did their part to tend the fields, bottle the juice and get the business off the ground.

The Campbells persevered.  Elk Cove grew and prospered.

Now it is widely recognized as a consistent producer of top cool-climate wines.   Wine & Spirits Magazine named Elk Cove its “winery of the year” in 2013.   The Campbell family still owns and operates Elk Cove, which, in an age of constant consolidation in the local wine industry,  bucks the trend.

While it is their entry level pinot, the 2014 Willamette Valley has a lot going for it.

Cherry and berry flavors, medium body and that layered complexity that reminds us why we love Oregon pinot like we do.   We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: 2014 was a great vintage in Oregon and so many of the ‘14’s are pleasantly surprising and reasonably priced.

Elk Cove Willamette Valley is another wine that proves the point.

As of May 12, we found 2014 Elk Cove Willamette Valley Pinot Noir at:



Safeway  Rose City  $23.79
QFC  56th & Burnside  $25.99
Fred Meyer  Hollywood  $25.99
New Seasons  Hollywood  $26.99
Trader Joe’s   Hollywood  $20.99
Safeway   Hawthorne  $23.79
QFC  Irvington  (NE 33rd)  $25.99
Fred Meyer  Hawthorne  $25.99
Whole Foods  Hollywood  $28.99
Costco  NE 138th (near PDX)  $21.89


Safeway  NW Lovejoy  $23.79
New Seasons  NW Raleigh  $26.99
Bale’s Thiftway   Cornell Rd.  $26.99
Safeway   Cornell Rd.  $23.79
Fred Meyer  Beaverton  $25.99
Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills  $25.99
QFC   Barnes & Miller  $23.79
Trader Joe’s  NW Irving $20.99
Fred Meyer  Stadium $25.99
Market of Choice Cedar Mill $26.99
Fred Meyer  Walker Road $25.99
Trader Joe’s  Beaverton $20.99
New Seasons  Raleigh Hills $25.99
Costco Beaverton $21.89


Fred Meyer  SW Barbur  $25.99
Costco   Tigard  $21.89
New Seasons  Lake Oswego  $26.99
Trader Joe’s Lake Oswego  $20.99
Safeway SW Barbur  $23.79
Fred Meyer Tualatin  $25.99
Safeway  Lake Oswego  $23.79