For Oregon Wine Month, King Estate Pinot Gris!


It’s Oregon Wine Month…

a promotional campaign that hypes the wine business

in the state and celebrates the industry. 


This May, the industry has reason to party. 


Oregon wine continues to grow in popularity locally,

nationally and yes, internationally. 


While visiting Portugal a few weeks ago,

we struck up an acquaintance with a couple from Denmark. 

They raved about Oregon Pinot Noir. 

The gentleman’s son, who has a few years experience

working in vineyards and wineries in New Zealand,

is relocating. 

He’s going to work at a winery in the Willamette Valley. 


Because, he said, “it’s the place to be.”

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It’s Wine Thursday!

our regular segment featuring a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find

at retail and online.   


While Pinot Noir is far and away the most popular wine

produced in the state, for Oregon Wine Month

we wanted to give some props to Oregon’s “other Pinot”.



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Where it’s from


In the hills southwest of Eugene, Oregon’s second largest

wine producer, King Estate, grows Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris

and a handful of other varietals on a scenic 1,000 acre estate.


What it is


King Estate consistently produces one of the most crowd-pleasing

and best-value versions of Oregon’s #2 top selling wine.


You can’t miss the fruit flavors…pear and apple…accented

by hints of honey and lemon.  It’s dry, medium-bodied,

with noticeable acidity and minerality but absolutely

well-balanced.  The finish is long and smooth. 

Well-chilled, this would be a top easy-drinking option

for the upcoming warm days of summer.


Where to find it


Total Wine has King Estate Pinot Gris for $13.47. 

It’s at Fred Meyer for $13.99.  Walmart lists it for $16.98. 

At Albertsons and Safeway, the price is $16.99. 

QFC’s price is $17.00.  Vons has it for $18.88. 

It’s at Target for $18.99.  It’s $21.00 at Ralphs. 

You can order it from Saratoga Wine Exchange for $15.94 

All Star Wine lists it for $15.99 

and the price at Empire Wine is $16.95