Under the radar Pinot Noir – 2019 Nadia


According to the latest statistics, California has 4,973 wineries. 


The largest producers, giants such as Gallo, Kendall-Jackson & Coppola,

are well-known and their wines show up virtually everywhere, 

from groceries to gas stations.


But when you consider the overall numbers,

the big players from the Golden State are actually in the minority. 


Most of California’s wineries are small operations,

often family-owned and operated,

whose bottlings are difficult to find beyond their tasting rooms. 

So when a previously-unknown wine lands on the supermarket shelf

next to the familiar regulars, it can be a pleasant surprise.



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It’s Wine Thursday! 

Every week, we shine a spotlight on a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is available at retail or online.


Chances are you’ve never heard of this week’s featured wine.   

Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t either.


But considering its quality and reasonable price,

this wine…and winery…is worth getting to know.




Where it’s from

Nadia is a sub-brand of the Laetitia Vineyard and Winery.  Laetitia is based

near the coast in Arroyo Grande, California, about 80 miles north of Santa Barbara. 

Founded in the early 80’s as a French Champagne house, Laetitia has since

expanded into Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and its speciality, Pinot Noir. 


What it is  

Nadia’s 2019 Pinot is a blend of grapes sourced from throughout the state. 

The composition:  62% Sonoma, 24% Monterey and 14% San Luis Obispo.   

Generally speaking, those are all cool climate regions. 

Nadia’s 2019 reflects that cool-climate typicity. 


It’s a medium-bodied, slightly-sweet red that

shows pleasant cherry and raspberry flavors

with a hint of spice.  The tannins and acidity

are moderate.  The finish is long and smooth.


Pinot Noir from California’s warmer locations

are known to be big and complex. 

Nadia is the opposite…understated and almost subdued. 

But it’s an agreeable and well-made wine, especially for the price. 


Here’s a pairing that’s out of the ordinary. 

Try the 2019 Nadia…slightly chilled…with spicy Asian food.

It works.


Where to buy it  

Jewell-Osco has Nadia’s 2019 Pinot Noir for $9.99. 

It’s at Safeway for $13.99. 

Same price at Tom Thumb – $13.99. 

The price at Vons is $14.43.   

Albertsons has it for $14.99.   

It’s on the shelf at Carr’s for the same $14.99 price. 

You can order it from Bevy’s Liquor World for $10.99