A “gateway” white wine. Kim Crawford 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

 When it comes to white wine, so many of us continually go with what we know.

What we know…and what we buy…usually means chardonnay and/or pinot gris. 

 But if you’re looking for a “gateway” wine

that could help you transition from the same old-same old

to a wide array of under-appreciate whites,

we have one you should consider.

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For this edition of Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation,

we’re going with something that could

change the way you think about white wine.




A well-made sauvignon blanc

 forces you to sit up and take notice.

Kim Crawford’s 2018 sure does. 

From the moment you unscrew the cap, there’s a strong citrus hit. 

Our tasting team landed on grapefruit as the dominant flavor.

There’s also that unmistakable aroma of freshly-cut grass,

a trademark characteristic of sauvignon blanc. 

It’s a lively, interesting wine that would be an ideal match

with pesto sauce or roasted vegetables. 


We found Kim Crawford 2018 sauvignon blanc

at Costco for $11.69

Trader Joe’s for $13.99

and at Fred Meyer and QFC for $14.99.