A “no-brainer” red blend – Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red

Our mission is to make your wine shopping experience as effortless as possible.

Wines like Tamarack Cellars 2015 Firehouse Red makes fulfilling our mission as easy as falling off the proverbial log.

This will not come as an epiphany for many of you.  Over the years, Firehouse Red has built a group of loyal followers who love its consistent quality.  But every vintage is different so just to make sure, we tried the 2015 in our office.  It was unanimous.  Thumbs up all around.

A true kitchen-sink blend, no fewer than 10 different grape varieties go into this mix.  The result is what you could call a “vanilla ice cream” type red.  That’s a good thing.  There are no rough edges.  It’s not excessively sweet which, unfortunately, is a characteristic of too many red blends.  No, this one is well-balanced,  quite smooth and goes down easy…like vanilla soft serve.

About the name:  Tamarack’s winery is a converted WWII Army Air base firehouse near Walla Walla.  Tamarack has received acclaim for their reserve reds which can be difficult to source.  Firehouse Red, on the other hand, can be found most everywhere.  With that, we check off the final PTWG box…”your store”.

Thus, good wine, good buy, your store.  Like falling off a log.

As of April 31, we found Tamarack Cellars 2015 Firehouse Red at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood                 $15.99           Fred Meyer  SE Hawthorne         $15.99

Safeway  NE 69th & Sandy            $16.99           Safeway  SE  Hawthorne             $16.99

QFC     NE 56th & Burnside           $16.99


Fred Meyer  Stadium                       $15.99           Fred Meyer Walker Road           $15.99

Fred Meyer  Beaverton                    $15.99           Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills           $15.99

Bale’s Thriftway  Cornell Road         $16.99           QFC  Barnes & Miller Rd.          $16.99

Safeway    NW Lovejoy                    $16.99            Safeway  Cornell Rd.                  $16.99


Fred Meyer   SW  Barbur Blvd.         $15.99         Fred Meyer  Tualatin                   $15.99

Safeway  SW Barbur  Blvd.               $16.99         Safeway  Lake Oswego                $16.99