A pinot with a story – Plowbuster 2016


There’s no lack of sub-$20 pinot noirs on the market. 

But sub-$20 pinot noirs…that are decent…AND have an interesting story… are scarce.

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For Wine Thursday!,  our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-

can-find recommendation,  we have a tale to tell.


With it’s rocky volcanic soils on hillsides, the topography of Oregon’s

northern Willamette Valley is ideal for growing pinot noir grapes. 

But that rocky soil is not ideal for farm equipment.  


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Basalt boulders lurk in that volcanic soil.   

When trying to clear acreage to plant grape vines, 

the folks at Carabella winery confronted many of those hidden boulders. 

They have a collection of ruined plows, discs and blades to prove it. 

Eventually, the vines were planted and the white flag was raised. 

In 2006, Carabella paid homage to their subterranean foe

by creating the “Plowbuster” brand of pinot noir. 


Carabella is now on its 10th vintage of Plowbuster.  

With its tart cranberry flavors and earthy backbone,

the 2016 Plowbuster has all of the earmarks of classic Oregon pinot. 

If you’re looking for a big, fruit-forward red,  look elsewhere. 

Plowbuster is light-to-medium bodied and pleasantly acidic,

making it a perfect pairing for grilled salmon.


You can find Plowbuster 2016 at Safeway for $17.99. 

It’s also available from the winery for $20  https://www.plowbuster.com/shop-online