A predictable red blend – 2019 Abbot’s Table


Predictability is currently in short supply

in our tumultuous world. 

Does that explain the growing popularity

of red blend wine? 

Not being a sociologist, I can’t say. 


But I do know this:

I continue to hear the same chorus

over and over

from casual wine drinkers: 

“I like red blends because I know exactly

what I’m going to get.”


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly recommendation

of a good wine that sells at a fair price

and is easy to find,

either at the store, online or both. 


This week, we’re checking out a wine

that’s the model of eastern Washington

red blend consistency.




As the iconic label indicates,

Abbot’s Table is meant to accompany a meal. 


It’s a blend of grapes grown in the Columbia Valley AVA

of eastern Washington with Sangiovese

and Zinfandel being the two dominant ingredients.


No surprises here.

The 2019 version of this Owen Roe creation

tastes like previous vintages of the same product.

And predictably, it shares a number of characteristics

with many of the other blends

that are produced in the region, i.e.,

they’re generally smooth, ripe, fruit-forward and robust. 


Boldly aromatic…smoky and peppery…

Abbot’s Table has plenty of rich plum and dark cherry flavors. 

The tannins are right down the middle. 

The acidity is low. 

The drinking is easy. 


Abbot’s Table is not the cheapest option

in the crowded red blend “table wine” space. 

But it shows a balance and a structure

that justifies a slightly higher spend.   


Total Wine has the 2019 Abbot’s Table for $18.99.

It’s on the shelf at Fred Meyer for $21.99.   

Whole Foods carries it for $22.99.

The price at QFC is $23.99. 

Online, you can order it from Binny’s for $19.99  


Wine.com lists it for $22.99  


Saratoga Wine Exchange sells it for $22.94  


or you can order it from the Owen Roe winery for $24