A reliable red blend – Chateau Ste. Michelle 2018 Indian Wells


Back in the early days of my personal wine journey,

I was short on expertise and long on bravado. 

I was under the mistaken impression

that I knew what I was talking about.


Blends?  I wanted nothing to do with blends. 

Only pure varietals would suffice.   


At that time, I loved the wines of Châteauneuf du Pape. 

(I still do.) 

A genuine wine expert informed me that

all Châteauneuf du Pape wines are blends. 


I decided that perhaps blends weren’t so bad after all. 

BTW, since those early days, I’ve ratcheted up the expertise

and abandoned the bravado.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly recommendation

of a good wine that is available at a reasonable price

and is widely available either at retail, online or both. 


This week, we’re revisiting an old favorite.


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At 51%, Syrah leads the way in the 2018 version

of Chateau Ste. Michelle’s popular red. 

Also in the mix are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache,

Malbec, Mourvèdre and Barbera. 

The resulting blend is remarkably well-structured.   

Full is the operative term here. 

This is full-bodied and full-flavored. 

It’s rich and round…spicy and smoky.   

There’s a reason this is a perennial favorite. 

Year in and year out, the Indian Wells red blend

is a terrific value. 


Costco has this in the wooden box for $10.99.   

The price at Total Wine is $12.97. 

Fred Meyer and Target sell it for $13.99. 

It’s the same price at both Safeway and QFC…$15.99.   

You can order it from ABC Fine Wine & Spirits for $13.98


or from Vine Republic for $14.98 


or from the winery for $16.00