A solid Oregon pinot for Oregon wine month – Ponzi 2017 Tavola



     It’s Oregon wine month and we have yet to review an Oregon pinot noir? 

     As Groucho Marx would say, “why that’s the most unheard of thing I’ve ever heard of.”

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       It’s Wine Thursday!,  our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

       that-you-can-find recommendation. 

       This week, we’re revisiting a familiar favorite of many Oregon pinotfiles: 

       Ponzi Vineyards 2017 Tavola.




       This has been Ponzi’s standard bearer for many years. 

       Plum and bitter cherry flavors shine through on the ’17 version. 

       I liked it immediately upon opening but liked it even more after it got an hour-plus of air.

       Tavola, which means table, is meant to be paired with food.  This would go quite well with any roasted dish.  Salmon and vegetables come to mind. 

         It’s certainly easy to find.

         Safeway is offering it for $20.88.  QFC has it for $23.99.  Fred Meyer’s price is $24.99. 

         Wine Searcher, a site that aggregates online wine shops, shows that it’s available for less than $20 at several shops around the country. 

         Shipping, of course, is extra.   Check out the link below.