A sparkler for the holidays- Chandon Brut Rosé


Sparkling wine. 

It can be a confusing category.   


Let’s clear up the most common misnomer. 

 All Champagne is sparkling wine but all sparkling wine is NOT Champagne.  


Another way of looking at it… 

Champagne is a strict designation referring to sparkling wine

made only in the Champagne region of France. 


On the other hand, sparkling wine is made everywhere and anywhere. 

Sparkling wine is any wine that has bubbles.   

That includes Prosecco, Cava, Lambrusco, Espumante

and the niche sparkler that is currently having its moment,

Pétillant naturel aka pét-nat.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly look at a good wine

that sells at an affordable price and is easy to find

at the store or online.   

This week, we’re checking out one of the many variations

on the sparkling wine theme, Brut Rosé,

a crowd-pleasing option for holiday entertaining.


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Where it’s from 

Nearly 50 years ago, Chandon was launched as one of the first

French-owned wine ventures in the U.S. 

Based in Yountville, Domaine Chandon is now a popular stop

on the Napa Valley tour circuit and is regarded

as one of California’s leading producers of sparkling wine.  


What it is

Brut Rosé is the real deal. 

Renowned Champagne brands such as Bollinger, Perrier-Jouêt and

Veuve Cliquot all include Brut Rosé as part of their respective portfolios. 


Chandon’s version of Brut Rosé is a bright, not-so-sweet (brut is French for dry)

and fruit forward wine packed with plenty of tiny bubbles. 

It’s a nice mix of strawberry flavors, light minerality and a snappy finish.


A price-point stand out, this sparkling wine could easily do double duty

during this season, serving as an easy drinker at your holiday gatherings

or a versatile accompaniment at the special meal.  


Where to buy it  

Total Wine has Chandon Brut Rosé for $15.97. 

Costco’s price is $15.99.  Target sells it for $19.99. 

It’s at Fred Meyer and QFC for $20.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Ralphs for $19.99. 

Walmart’s price is $22.98.  It’s at BevMo for $24.99. 

You can order it from Garnet Wine for $17.49  


Empire Wine has it for $17.95  


You can order it from Wine Library for $19.09  


and the price at All Star Wine is $19.99