A vivid, energetic white – La Caña Albariño


The world of wine is immense, far-reaching and deep…

almost too deep…brimming with variety and options. 


It can be overwhelming.


When faced with dozens, sometimes hundreds,

of different types of wine to choose from,

there’s a tendency to simply go with what we know. 

Oftentimes that tried-and-true standby

is a domestically-produced wine.   

But there are many intriguing wines produced outside the U.S.

that are, at the very least, worthy of a test drive.

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It’s Wine Thursday! 

Once a week, we check out a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy to find at retail and/or online.   

That “easy to find” requirement can be challenging

when it comes to the majority of the world’s wines.

Most retailers (brick-and-mortar or online) don’t carry

a large selection of global wines.   

But this week, we’re highlighting a Spanish white

that is widely available…and certainly worth looking into.


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Where it’s from

This week’s wine is unique in several ways.  It’s a cool-climate white

from a country that is much better known for its warm-weather reds, Spain. 

The producer, La Caña, is based in the northwestern section

of Spain known as Galicia which hugs the Mediterranean coastline. 

The grapes are not grown in traditional rows but in pergolas, pictured above,

which allow breezes to flow through and dry the grapes

after the frequent showers that are typical for Galicia.


What it is

Albariño’s flavor profile is also unique. 

This is a fresh, bright, slightly tart wine

with a hint of effervescence

that lends energy and zest to the finish. 

La Caña’s version has a vivid acidity

and rich complexity not present in

less-expensive Albariños. 


Make a mental note:  when the warm weather returns,

this wine will serve as a terrific summer aperitif

but in the meantime, you can pair it with any spicy food

such as Thai, Vietnamese and Indian dishes.  


Where to buy it  

You can find La Caña Albariño at Total Wine for $18.99. 

Safeway and Albertsons list it at $19.99. 

The price at Bev Mo is $21.99. 

You can order it from PJ Wine for $14.97


Woods Wholesale Wine has it for $14.98   


Stirling Fine Wines has it for $14.99  


It’s the same price at Buy Rite Wine – $14.99  


Wine.com lists it at $16.99  


Mad Wine sells it for $16.99 also  


and B-21’s listed price is $17.98