A warm red for cool weather – 2019 Michael David Petite Petit red blend

Should you change your wine with the weather?   

There are no hard & fast rules. 

For example, many of us buck the seasonality guidelines

by drinking Rosé the year round…when it’s warm, when it’s cool

and all times in between. 

But now that the conditions have turned wet and cold nearly everywhere,

a big red wine seems most appropriate in the effort to

fight off the seasonal chill.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly review of a good wine

that sells for a good price and is easy to find,

either at the store or online. 


This week, we’re looking at a unique red blend

that’s a combination of two lesser-known grape varieties.






If the label on Michael David’s 2019 Petite Petit red blend

doesn’t get your attention, the wine will.   

This is an unusual combination featuring two varietals

that rarely get featured at all. 

It’s 85% Petite Sirah and 15% Petit Verdot.   

On their own, these grapes result in formidable wine. 

Blended together, they can make a blockbuster. 


This Petite Petit is dark, dense and robust.   

It shows a variety of interesting flavors including

black cherry, espresso and a bit of smokiness. 

So often we suggest that you don’t pop & pour big reds.

Here’s another example. 

Immediately upon opening, this was overly sweet and

a little rough around the edges. 

Two hours later, it mellowed out. 

After spending the night in the fridge (with the cork firmly in place),

it improved even more. 

If you’re looking for a substantial red wine that can

help fight off the December chill, this is a great option. 

Just give it at least one hour of air before you partake. 


We found Michael David’s 2019 Petite Petit at Total Wine for $12.97.   

Costco has it for $12.99.  The price at Safeway is $15.54. 

Fred Meyer and QFC both sell it for $16.99. 

It’s at Albertsons and Target for $17.99.  Ralph’s price: $18.56. 

You can order it online from B-21 for $12.98    


or from BuyWinesOnline for $13.50