Charles Smith 2015 Kung Fu Girl riesling

How does a wine wind up being named Kung Fu Girl?

As the story goes, eclectic Washington state winemaker Charles Smith was watching Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman slash away at each other in the movie, Kill Bill.

Smith was inspired.

“Damn it.  I’m going to make riesling!  And I’m going to call it Kung Fu Girl!”

The rest is good-wine-at-a-good-price history.

For years, Kung Fu Girl has been a terrific buy.  And it has consistently received  favorable reviews.

The 2015 version of Kung Fu Girl keeps the streak going. Keep in mind this is riesling and rieslings are typically sweet.   But here, the sweetness is subtle not syrupy.  Lots of fruit flavors in this one:  pear, peach and apple.

Seems like we’ve said this going into every weekend this summer but we’ll say it again: it’s supposed to be ridiculously hot for the next few days.  Kung Fu Girl adequately chilled  (don’t freeze it but chill it waaaayyyy down) would provide a nice respite from the triple-digit degree heat.

And it hits our Pat The Wine Guy bullseye:  reasonably priced and readily available all over town.   (Not that it’s a PTWG requirement but great label too!)

As of August 31, we found Charles Smith 2015 Kung Fu Girl riesling at:


Costco near PDX                 $8.99       Safeway NE 69th & Sandy       $10.99

Safeway  Hawthorne          $10.99      QFC  NE 56th & Burnside       $10.99

Fred Meyer  Hollywood     $11.99       Fred Meyer  Hawthorne           $11.99

Whole Foods  Hollywood   $11.99


Costco   Beaverton                 $8.99     Safeway NW Lovejoy          $10.99

Safeway NW Cornell            $10.99     QFC  Barnes & Miller          $11.99

Fred Meyer  Stadium           $11.99     Fred Meyer  Walker Road     $11.99

Fred Meyer Beaverton         $11.99      Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills     $11.99

Zupan’s  Burnside                 $12.75     New Seasons  Raleigh Hills  $11.99

New Seasons NW Thurman  $11.99


Costco  Tigard                 $8.99           Safeway  SW Barbur               $10.99

Safeway  Lake Oswego  $10.99          Fred Meyer  SW Barbur          $11.99

Fred Meyer  Tualatin       $11.99         Zupan’s  Boones Ferry LO      $12.75

Zupan’s   SW Macadam   $12.75         New Seasons  Lake Oswego   $11.99

New Seasons Tualatin     $11.99