Big, bold California red blend – Bogle Phantom


It’s extremely difficult, if not outright impossible,

to precisely predict and/or accurately gauge

when a wine will reach peak maturity…or if it already has.  

But for the vast majority of wines,

we don’t have to be concerned. 


The experts say that 90% of wine is meant to be consumed

within a year of production.   

One more fact:  most wines aren’t released, i.e. available for purchase,

until at least one year after they are bottled. 


The conclusion:  if you buy a wine at your store

or you order it online, that bottle is more than likely

ready…right now…to be uncorked (or unscrewed) and enjoyed.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly look

at a good wine that sells at an affordable price

and is easy to find at your store or online.   


This week, we’re checking out a big red blend

that is drinking well now but shows signs

that it might be even better sometime down the road.



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Where it’s from  

Phantom is a sub-brand of the Bogle Family Vineyards. 

While Bogle is based in Clarksburg, a few miles south of Sacramento,

Bogle sources grapes from vineyards throughout California,

from Medocino in the north to Livermore Valley in the south

and from several other locales in between.


What it is

The exact breakdown of Bogle’s Phantom red varies slightly

from vintage to vintage.  The currently-on-the-shelf 2018 is essentially

half Petite Sirah and half Zinfandel. 

Not surprisingly, when those two varietals are combined,

the result is a bold, full-bodied blend. 

This wine explodes with a variety of flavors. 

There’s dark fruit, tobacco and spice…lots of spice. 

Nutmeg, allspice and black pepper are all in the mix. 


Right now, this big red would be a fine compliment

to burgers and BBQ.

But it also shows long-term aging potential. 

Another year or two in a cool, dark rack would help

smooth out the Phantom’s slight edges.  


Where to find it 

The 2018 Phantom is at Total Wine for $13.97. 

The price is $17.99 at Target, QFC and Fred Meyer. 

Walmart has it for $18.98. 

Safeway and BevMo have it for $18.99. 

It sells for $19.99 at Ralphs and Albertsons. 

You can order it from Buy Wines Online for $14.93 

Phantom is at ABC Fine Wine for $16.99 

Same price when ordered from B-21…$16.99 

It’s also $16.99 at Lincoln Fine Wines