Call it what you will, it’s a nice $15 wine. Ferrari-Carano 2015 Fumé Blanc

What’s the difference between fumé blanc and sauvignon blanc?


They are one and the same.

Then why the two names?   We can thank marketing for that.

Back in the 60’s, sauvignon blanc had a bad reputation and hence, didn’t sell.   To change things up and generate more interest, the folks at the Mondavi winery flipped the script.  They started calling their sauvignon blanc “fumé” blanc.

 Same wine/ different name.     The tactic worked.    Consumers tried, and liked,  this “new” wine.  Fumé blanc blew up and continues to do well.

One more odd piece fumé blanc trivia: the word fumé actually means “smoke”.  But I find there’s virtually nothing smoky about the taste of a typical fumé blanc.  The good ones have a crisp, almost tart citrus flavor when they’re cold.  As it warms up, fumé blanc gives off pineapple-type fruit notes.

That’s an apt description of Ferrari-Carano’s 2015 Fumé Blanc.  Crisp, citrus-fruity, and refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm day.  Also refreshing:  the price…another good QPR (quality-price ratio) wine.  (BTW, you’ll notice the Ferrari-Carano people cover themselves by including both “fumé blanc” and “sauvignon blanc” on the label.)

If you’re ever in the Healdsburg/Geyserville area in Sonoma County (California of course) , drop by the Ferrari-Carano estate.   It’s quite impressive.

But it’s also a bit of a tease since you’ll be on the outside looking in.  Unless you’re attending a special event, there’s no admittance to the main villa.

When we visited, I asked an employee,  “How can I get closer to the reflecting pool?”

 I got a short & not-so-sweet reply:

 “You can’t.”

OK then.

As of July 21, we found Ferrari-Carano 2015 Fumé Blanc at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood         $14.49          Fred Meyer Hawthorne         $14.49

Safeway  Hawthorne              $14.99          Safeway  NE 69th & Sandy  $14.99

QFC  NE 56th & Burnside      $14.99          QFC NE 33rd & Irvington     $14.99

New Seasons  Hollywood      $14.99


Fred Meyer    Stadium           $14.49        Fred Meyer   Walker Road      $14.49

Fred Meyer  Beaverton          $14.49        Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills        $14.49

Safeway  NW Lovejoy             $14.99        Safeway  NW Cornell             $14.99

QFC   Barnes & Miller            $14.99


Fred Meyer   SW  Barbur        $14.49      Fred Meyer   Tualatin                $14.49

New Seasons  Tualatin           $14.99      New Seasons  Mountain Park   $14.99

Safeway  SW Barbur               $14.99       Safeway  Lake Oswego            $14.99