“Can’t go wrong” white – 2020 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc


At Pat The Wine Guy, we consistently strive

to find good wine/good values. 

In the process, we kiss our share of frogs.


When a friend of mine recently remarked,

“how can you go wrong with an $11 bottle of wine?”

she wasn’t intentionally disparaging our efforts. 

But I was quick to correct her. 

“Believe me, you can go very wrong with an $11 bottle of wine. 

Been there, done that, and poured it down the drain.”

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For Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-

that-you-can-find review, we’re highlighting

a $11 (or thereabouts) bottle

that won’t disappoint.



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Marlborough, New Zealand’s most prolific wine region,

exports a large amount of Sauvignon Blanc.   

Much of it winds up here in the U.S.

SB from NZ is generally known for high levels of acidity,

low amounts of sugar and characteristic flavors

of grapefruit and freshly-cut grass.   

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, a ubiquitous presence at American groceries,

checks all of those NZ SB boxes. 

It’s zesty, pungent and with citrus and tropical notes

taking the forefront, quite refreshing.

It consistently shows up on “best buy” lists.


Let’s not get carried away.  It’s not a show stopper.

But for 11 bucks or so, it delivers the goods. 


Total Wine sells the 2020 Oyster Bay for $9.97. 

Walmart has it for $10.98.

For a penny more, $10.99, you can grab it at QFC. 

Fred Meyer’s price is $11.99.   Safeway sells it for $12.99. 

You can order it online from B-21 for $9.98


or from Martin Wine Cellar for even less, $9.97


Empire Wine’s price is $10.95  


or you can order it from Vivino for $11.99