Classic California Pinot Noir – Diora 2018 La Petite Grace


California Pinot Noir vs. Oregon Pinot Noir. 


The same grape, grown in different climates, topographies

and soils, will deliver wines that

have markedly different taste profiles. 


Oregon Pinot Noir is typically light-to-medium bodied

with high acidity and dominant flavors of

cranberry and strawberry.   


California Pinot Noir usually has a fuller body

with rich, lush dark fruit flavors.

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Just in time for the weekend,

it’s Wine Thursday!. 

Every week, we single out a quality wine

that’s a good buy and is easy to find,

either at brick-and-mortar retail or online.   


This week, we’re checking out a Pinot Noir

from an area known as California’s

North Central Coast.




From vineyards located in the hills near Monterrey, 

Diora Pinot Noir might throw you off a bit. 

It’s big, ripe and super-rich with flavors of

chocolate, caramel and sweet cherry. 

I initially mistook it for a zinfandel…without the spice.


California has a preponderance of microclimates

where many variations on the Pinot Noir theme

are now being produced. 

But the Diora La Petite Grace is a throwback to

old-school California Pinot. 

It’s full-bodied, fruity and crafted to please the crowd.   


You can find Diora 2018 Pinot Noir at QFC for $16.99. 

The price at Total Wine is $17.99.   

Fred Meyer has it for $18.99. 

The price at Safeway and Albertsons is $19.99. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $17.95 

The price is the same at Buy Wines Online, $17.95 

Napa Cabs lists it at $19.99