Classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc- Whitehaven Marlborough 2021


Marlborough isn’t the only place on the planet

where Sauvignon Blanc is produced. 


But this region in New Zealand has become one of the most

highly-regarded areas in the world for the popular white wine. 


Marlborough has two key factors in its favor…

unique soils and a dry, sunny climate…

that combine to make the area ideal

for the production of a distinctively

“New Zealand style” of Sauvignon Blanc.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly recommendation

of a good, affordable wine that’s easy to find,

either on the shelf at your regular store,

online, or both. 


This week’s wine is a classic representation

of Marlborough/New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.




Where it’s from 

Marlborough is located at the northeastern tip of

New Zealand’s South Island.  Whitehaven is one

of the larger wineries in Marlborough and

while they produce several different types of wine

including Pinot Noir and Chardonnay,

Whitehaven (and Marlborough overall) is known

world-wide for its Sauvignon Blanc. 


What it is  

While there’s currently an increase in experimentation

as some New Zealand wineries are striving to create

what is being termed “new wave” Sauvignon Blanc,

Whitehaven’s entry-level version remains 

classic Marlborough.


This wine is not shy. 

It comes at you strong with intense aromas

and concentrated grapefruit & lime flavors. 

The body is bold and full  

while the acidity is bracing.


But nothing is out of proportion. 

This is a well-balanced and refreshing wine…

solid overall…that needs to be served chilled:

the colder, the better.    


Where to buy it  

Total Wine has the Whitehaven 2021 SB for $14.97. 

It’s at Fred Meyer for $15.99. 

The price at Safeway is $16.99. 

You can find it at QFC for $18.99. 

Target sells it for $19.99.   

Albertsons price is $20.99 and it’s $21.42 at Ralph’s.   

You can order it from Universal Fine Wine for $13.98

It’s the same price at B-21…$13.98 

Woods Wholesale Wine has it for $14.94 

and the price at the Redneck Wine Company is $14.97