Drink it now or drink it later – Coppola 2018 Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon


By the time that red, white, rosé or sparkling

finds the shelf at your store, it’s most likely

ready to drink.   

Most grocery store or big box wines,

especially those under $30, need no further aging. 

They’ve been made in such a manner that they

are ready to be consumed upon release.  

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Every Thursday, we review a bottle that’s

a good value and easy to find

either at retail or online. 


For Wine Thursday! this week,

we’re examining an outlier. 

It’s a grocery store wine that’s fine to drink now. 

It’s also fine to lay it down and let it age. 

And for the wines we review and recommend,

that’s an exception to the rule.




Not to be confused with the other Coppola offerings

(of which there are several), Director’s Cut stands out

with its distinctive label art. 

This Cabernet is also distinctive for something

that it doesn’t have. 

It’s common practice for winemakers to add a dose of sweetness

to inexpensive Cabernets to mask the wine’s deficiencies.   

Director’s Cut shows none of that. 

For a Cabernet, it has what I would call a

neutral flavor profile.   It’s neutral but it’s not boring.

This is a smooth, straightforward Cabernet

with easy-going tannins and

hints of espresso and black cherry. 

Those who prefer neutral over cloying

will enjoy this Cabernet,

especially with steak and pork roast. 

Finally, as indicated above, this is a bottle that will improve

after 2-3 years of proper cellaring.


Target has the 2018 Director’s Cut Cabernet for $17.99. 

Walmart has it for $20.98.

It’s at Total Wine for a price of $21.49. 

Fred Meyer carries it for $21.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Albertsons for $22.49.

Safeway has it for $26.99.   

You can order it from B-21 for $19.98  


Another online option is Luekens.  Their price is $19.99. 


Buy Wines Online carries it for $20.95  


or you can order straight from the winery for $30