Easy-to-make, easy-to-enjoy wine popsicles!

Don’t blame the messenger

but a check of the calendar confirms it: 

we are on the downhill side of summer.


The good news: there are still five-plus weeks of our favorite season…

plenty of time to enjoy wine popsicles,

the ultimate cool adult treat.




Wine popsicle recipes are easy to find. 

But it’s not easy to find EASY wine popsicle recipes. 

We made that a priority in our search…

wine popsicle recipes that require minimal effort,

both in shopping for the ingredients and producing the actual pops. 

Oh, and there was one more requirement: 

the finished product had to taste good. 

Here are two super-easy, super-tasty winners.




Pineapple and white wine popsicles 

I am so-so on pineapple but not on this popsicle. 

It’s terrific.

Take a bite, close your eyes and you’ll hear the waves crashing on Waikiki. 

We made this with pinot gris

but chardonnay, pinot blanc

or most any other dry white wine would also work. 

   A shout out to Shape Magazine

where we found the basis for this recipe

which we fine-tuned just a bit. 


Pineapple white wine popsicles 

3 cups pineapple chunks  (about one 20 oz. can)  

2 cups white wine

1 tablespoon honey 

Drain pineapple chunks, place in blender and  blend chunks on medium for about 15 seconds or until semi-smooth 

Add white wine 

Blend pineapple and white wine on medium for 10 seconds 

Add honey

Blend pineapple, wine, honey on medium for 15 seconds 

Pour into popsicle molds 

Freeze at least six hours or overnight 

Depending on the size of your molds, makes about 8 popsicles





Rosé popsicles  

Funny thing about the pineapple white wine popsicles…

you’ll can barely taste the alcohol.

It’s a different story with this rosé popsicle. 

If you want to make it a little less “boozy”,

simply leave out the gin. 

But let me suggest you at least try the recipe as is. 

You’ll be glad you did. 


Credit to the website, Something Turquoise,

where we found this recipe a couple of years ago

and have been enjoying it ever since.


Rosé popsicles

(You can substitute sparkling rosé or sparkling wine/champagne for rosé.  We tried all three.  We preferred this recipe with regular rosé.)

In a large mixing bowl, pour two ounces of rosé, one ounce of lemonade

and 1/4 cup of gin. 

Whisk mixture for 15 seconds or until blended.  

Pour mixture into popsicle molds. 

Freeze overnight  (Due to the higher alcohol content, this will require ample time to freeze) 

Depending on the size of your molds, makes approximately 8 popsicles.




If you’re hosting a late-summer cookout…

maybe a Labor Day barbecue…

either one of these wine popsicles

or maybe both

would be a terrific treat. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer.