Even more celebrity wine – 19 Crimes Martha’s Chard


This is not rocket science. 

It’s basic business.


As long as celebrity endorsement/association/cachet

helps sell product, celebrity wines will continue to proliferate. 


The number of collaborations between winemakers and

famous musicians, actors & athletes just keeps growing.

Seemingly, so does the average price point.


Rapper/music producer/entrepreneur Jay Z has a 50% stake

in a Champagne producer, Armand de Brignac.

Jay Z assists in the promotion of Brignac’s products.


The brand’s “entry level” bottle,

Ace of Spade NV, gets wonderful reviews.


It should.   The price is stratospheric.


Armand de Brignac Ace of Spade NV

is available at Total Wine for $329.97.



Basic RGB

It’s Wine Thursday! 


Every Thursday, we check out a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy for you to either pick up at the store

or order online.   


This week, we’re taking a leap of faith as we evaluate

a popular, and potentially polarizing, celebrity wine.


Martha Stewart Chardonnay? 


Yes, really.






Chardonnay shoppers might have noticed

this newcomer earlier in the year

when 19 Crimes launched Martha’s Chard in February.


True confessions: I initially dismissed it

as just another sub-par entry

in the celebrity wine universe. 


Then last week, Wine Enthusiast named

Martha’s Chard as one of its Top 100 Buys for 2022.

On the 100 point scale, WE gave it 91 points,

calling it the 12th Best Buy of the year. 

That provided more than enough reason

to put it to the taste test.


Despite the favorable review,

I was much more skeptical than eager

as I pulled the cork. 


Turns out I was wrong.

Wine Enthusiast was right.   

This is decent stuff.


Martha’s Chard is not your typical cheap Chardonnay oak bomb. 

It’s full-bodied, yes, but there are appetizing pear and citrus flavors

that provide some zest, lift and a degree of complexity.


This begs to be served very cold. 

And it’s not a crime, excuse the pun, if you drop

an ice cube or two into your glass. 

Martha Stewart herself is on record as saying

ice cubes in her wine are not only acceptable,

they’re recommended. 


Enough with the qualifiers and caveats. 

Bottom line, Martha’s Chard is a pleasant surprise,

a suitable weeknight wine option and a nice value.


Where to buy it

You’ll find Martha’s Chard at Walmart for $11.48. 

Total Wine’s price is $11.49. 

It’s at Vons for $12.21.   

It’s on the shelf at Safeway, Target, Jewell Osco and QFC for $12.99. 

The price at Ralphs is $14.27. 

Fred Meyer has it for $14.99. 

World Market carries it for $15.99. 

You can order it from Buy Wines Online for $11.50 


B-21’s online price is $11.98  


Wine Made Easy has Martha’s Chard for $12.99