Everyday Cabernet – 2019 Luke Cabernet Sauvignon


Here’s a little-known nugget about one of the

most widely-planted grapes on the planet.   


According to legend, Cabernet Sauvignon was an accident. 


Some 500 years ago in France, a Cabernet Franc grape plant

was mistakenly cloned with a Sauvignon Blanc grape plant. 

At the time, it was seen as a botched botany experiment. 

But that mistake resulted in the creation of the

Cabernet Sauvignon grape,

which is now used to make the most popular wine in the world.

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Every Thursday, just in time for the weekend,

we review a wine that’s a good value

and is easy to find, either at your store or online. 


We call it Wine Thursday! 


This week, we’re checking out an everyday Cabernet.




Where it’s from

In eastern Washington, just north of Richland and east of Yakima,

you’ll find the Wahluke Slope AVA, a stunning grape growing region

where producers focus on Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.


What it is  

Luke Cabernet takes its name from the aforementioned Wahluke,

the native American term for “watering place”. 


Luke is a typical example of Wahluke Slope Cabernets. 


It’s big, bold and dry.  Dark red fruits dominate the taste profile. 

There’s a subtle undercurrent of spice and just a touch of vanilla. 

While the vast majority of wines in this price range

are meant to be drunk immediately, Luke’s Cabernet

will improve with time in the cellar.  


If drinking it now rather than later,

pop the cork an hour plus before pouring. 

This wine will benefit from exposure to air.  


Where to buy it  

Total Wine carries the 2019 Luke Cabernet Sauvignon for $16.99. 

It’s at Fred Meyer and QFC for the same price, $18.99. 

Albertsons has it for $22.99.   

You can order it from the Saratoga Wine Exchange for $16.93 


B-21’s price is $16.98


Vinopolis Wine Shop lists Luke at $18.00


You can order it from Vine Republic for $18.98  


and Wine Library carries it for $18.99