Everyday sparkling rosé – A to Z Oregon rosé bubbles



     Sparkling wine…certainly Champagne…is a special occasion beverage, right? 

     Not necessarily. 

     As Oregon wine month comes to a close, we’re highlighting an Oregon product that is fine for drinking on a special or even a not-so-special occasion.


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     It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find recommendation just in time for your weekend. 

     This week’s featured drink is…pink. 

     A to Z Oregon rosé bubbles.




    There’s no mistaking the star of this show. 

    It’s all about the bubbles.

    A to Z combines 90% pinot noir, 10% chardonnay and a healthy dose of carbon dioxide to create a lively, fresh take on sparkling wine. 

    You can’t miss the fruit flavors…strawberry and watermelon lead the way…that are balanced with tangy acidity.  Add the burst-in-your-mouth bubbles and the result is a surprisingly complex sparkler. 

   The attitude & approach is fun.  The drink itself is solid.   

   The best part: you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to pop the bottle cap…yes, bottle cap…on this one. It’s a good everyday option.

    A to Z Oregon rosé bubbles shows up at many stores.  QFC and Safeway both have it for $13.99.  At Fred Meyer, it’s $14.99.   

    Or you can go to the source…A to Z Wineworks…where they offer it for $16.