Eye-catching label & good wine – 2019 Sixth Sense Syrah


“I bought it because I loved the label.”


It might be the #1 wine-shopping mistake…

buying the bottle based on what’s on the outside

rather than what’s on the inside. 

But if that’s your modus operandi,

there’s no need to feel ashamed. 

Everybody, and I mean everybody, does it. 

Wine.net surveyed over 2,000 wine drinkers.  

82 percent confessed that their buying decision

is “often influenced” by the look of the label.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly review

of a good wine that’s priced right

and is easy to find, either at your store, online or both. 


This week we’re homing in on a big California red

that passes both tests.   

It’s a quality bottle with a distinctive label. 

And “distinctive” might be an understatement.




Where it’s from

Based in Lodi in California’s Central Valley,

the people at the Michael David Winery

have a corporate mantra/mindset.

“We don’t break the rules,

we make the rules.” 

They are true to their credo. 

Their portfolio includes collections named

Freakshow, Inkblot and Misfits & Mavens.

Most of their labels are unorthodox (see above). 

But amidst all of their unconventionality,

Michael David produces some

pretty darn good wine buys. 


What it is

Michael David’s 2019 Sixth Sense Syrah

is a full-throttle bottle. 

It’s an interesting mix of spiciness

and aggressive dark fruit flavors.   

Imagine red raspberry teamed with black licorice. 

It’s dry with medium tannins.

A generous dose (18%) of  Petite Sirah

provides a touch of tang. 

Syrah typically keeps well.   

In 2-3 years, this will only be better.


Where to buy it  

Total Wine has the 2019 Sixth Sense Syrah for $14.49. 

The price at Fred Meyer is $14.99. 

Safeway sells it for $15.99. 

It’s at Albertsons for $17.99.   

You can order it from Empire Wine for $13.95  


Wine.com has it for $13.99  


It’s the same price, $13.99, at B-21  


and WineWorks has it for $14.98