For International Chardonnay Day – Erath 2017 Chardonnay



It’s simultaneously the most popular white in the world

and the most maligned. 

One critic called it “the Bud Lite of wine”.   


Chardonnay’s malleability works against it.

It’s an easy grape to grow and an easy wine to make. 

So producers churn out a lot of bland and boring Chardonnay

that takes up considerable space

on your grocery store’s wall of wine. 

But with a little effort, you can sift through the mediocrity

and find the good stuff.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly


recommendation,  just in time for your

holiday weekend. 


We’re going to recognize both

International Chardonnay Day

and the continuation of Oregon Wine Month

by checking out a value Chardonnay

from the Willamette Valley.




Up until about 15 years ago,

Oregon winemakers struggled mightily

to get Chardonnay right.   

They were intent on emulating

the California model i.e.

big, oak-heavy versions of Chard. 

It didn’t work. 

The winemakers changed course,

crafting a leaner, racier style. 

That approach has proven to be successful.   

Oregon chardonnay is on a quality/popularity roll. 

Now it’s not unusual to see bottles go for $50 plus. 

Erath’s 2017 comes in at a fraction of that cost

but it has some of the characteristics of the

higher-priced versions. 


While it is light on its feet, it has enough

subtle complexity to make it an interesting drink. 

Up front, it shows pleasant fruit flavors such as

pear and peach.  On the finish, it is slightly sweet. 

If you’re stuck on the stereotype that supermarket Chardonnays

taste like oak and/or a tub of buttered popcorn,

Erath’s 2017 will convince you otherwise.   


We found Erath Winery 2017 Chardonnay

at Fred Meyer for $14.99.   QFC’s price is $16.99. 

Safeway has it for $17.99. 

Erath Winery is now selling the 2018 vintage for $19


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