For Wine Thursday!, a good bang-for-the-buck Oregon Pinot Noir…2016 Acrobat


It’s the rare wine

that lives up to its name. 


For example, if you were to enjoy a glass of 

The Idiot, Meglomaniac or Fat Bastard,

it’s highly unlikely that you would exclaim…

“now that’s an Idiot!” (or Meglomaniac or Fat Bastard)

BTW, those are real names of real wines.


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For Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that’s easy-to-find recommendation,

we’re featuring a wine

that’s nimble and light on its feet

much like,


an acrobat.




During the past few years, Oregon has enjoyed

a succession of favorable vintages. 

In part, that explains why there’s an increasing number

of better-than-average inexpensive Oregon pinots

currently on the supermarket shelves. 

Acrobat’s 2016 pinot is a great example. 


As we noted, like its namesake,

it is light on its feet

(wine talk meaning it is light-to-medium bodied) 

and nimble

(more wine talk meaning it’s easy to drink on its own

but also pairs well with food).


And at less than $20…

at some stores, much less…

it’s a good buy. 


Drinkable sub-$20 Oregon pinot noir.

Oregon and Mother Nature, keep it comin’. 


We found Acrobat 2016 pinot noir at Trader Joe’s for $13.99,

Costco for $14.59, 

 Whole Foods, Market of Choice and Fred Meyer for $17.99,

Safeway for $18.19

and QFC for $18.99.