For Wine Thursday!, Oregon Solidarity Rosé…rising from the ashes – literally!

It’s Wine Thursday!

our weekly wine recommendation

just in time for your weekend. 

Today, a two-fer:  a good wine and a feel-good story




Massive forest fires roared through southern Oregon last summer 

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke

with potentially disastrous consequences for grapes and grape growers.


A California winery had agreed to buy two thousand tons of grapes

from southern Oregon vineyards. 

But at the last minute, the California winery backed out of the deal,

believing the grapes must be smoke-tainted.


It looked like some $4 million worth of grapes would rot on the vines

and the southern Oregon producers would take a major financial hit.





That’s when some Oregon wineries rode to the rescue. 

With Willamette Valley Vineyards and King Estate leading the effort,

the Oregonians began a salvage operation. 

They tested the grapes, determined that they actually weren’t smoke tainted,

bought the grapes at full contract price and began doing

what winemakers do…making wine.



Named “Oregon Solidarity”, the wine is now available in store.

A Rosé of Pinot Noir is the first release. 

A Chardonnay will hit retail this month

with a Pinot Noir release scheduled for August. 


This story would not have a happy ending if the wine was weak. 

Not the case.  It’s quite good. 

The Rosé is crisp and savory, ideal for warm-weather imbibing. 

You’ll find it at QFC for $14.99, at Fred Meyer for $15.99, 

Market of Choice and New Seasons has it for $16.99

and it’s at Safeway for $20.29. 

Looking forward to tasting the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

in the weeks to come. 


One more aspect to this admirable effort:  the net proceeds

from the wine sales will be donated to the Rogue Valley Vintners

to support vineyards in the region. 


Oregon Solidarity…a win-win for the wine industry and wine drinkers alike.

Oregon Solidarity is the perfect pick for our kickoff to Oregon Wine Month. 

Throughout the month of May, we’ll be reviewing

an Oregon wine every Wine Thursday!

and on some Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays too. 

As they said back in the analog days,

“watch this space”!