For Wine Thursday!, the red blend is your friend – Dunham Cellars Three Legged Red


“But it said it was a cabernet!”  

I listened patiently while a friend of mine complained

about an awful bottle of wine she had recently endured…

not enjoyed but endured. 

The culprit…an $8.99 bottle of cabernet sauvignon. 

My friend thought…logically…that since it was labeled cabernet sauvignon,

it should have been at least decent. 

It wasn’t. 


That’s a perfect lead-in to today’s tip. 


If you’re navigating those potentially choppy waters in the sub-$10 per bottle range,

you’re generally better off staying away from “pure” varietals

such as cabernet, pinot noir, syrah, etc. 

At less than ten bucks, you’re likely to get a weak representation of said pure varietal. 

Simple economics tells us the wineries aren’t going to waste

their best juice in a discount bottle. 

 Again, generally speaking,

you have a better chance getting a palatable low-end bottle

when you opt for a red blend.


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It’s Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation 

and we’re going with a red blend

that does run more than $10

but we think it’s worth a few extra bucks.




Dunham Cellars Three Legged Red  

Every year, the folks at Dunham

(located in an old airplane hangar in Walla Walla)

produce their version of the classic Washington red blend:  cabernet, syrah & merlot. 

Depending on where you shop, you’ll find either the ’16 or the ’17. 

Both delivered what you’ve come to expect from a mid-range CSM blend,

i.e., ripe fruit flavors with a hint of vanilla. 

It’s not terribly complex but it is a very enjoyable, everyday red. 


We found Dunham’s Three Legged Red at Safeway for $17.21,

at Fred Meyer for $18.99,

both QFC and New Seasons sell it for $19.99

and it’s at Market of Choice for $21.99.