For Wine Thursday!, welcome to the battle of the canned rosés



Wine lovers,  you love your canned wine. 

And you really love your canned rosé. 

According to Neilsen data,

from May of last year through May of this year,

sales of canned rosé skyrocketed 107%. 

We aren’t surprised. 

Two screaming trends are at work here. 

The growing popularity of rosé & the growing popularity of canned wine. 

Neither trend shows signs of abating anytime soon.


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For Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation, 

we decided to catch the canned rosé wave

to see if one stood out.  

As always, availability was a top priority. 

What good is a product review for a product you can’t find? 

Thus, we selected four popular canned rosés for evaluation: 

Lil’ Rascal, House Wine, Underwood and Joe to Go




Our blind tasting revealed two insights: 

one, it’s a challenge to pour from a can

covered in printer paper without spilling 

and two, it’s a challenge

to differentiate between canned rosés.

 It was close but we did eventually pick a winner.




Underwood rosé 

 Some of the other rosés in our taste-off were a bit too sweet. 

One of our taste crew said she felt like she was “drinking a Jolly Rancher”. 

Not so with the Underwood. 

It was light and refreshing with tangy cherry and strawberry flavors. 

 In three words or less…easy to drink.   

It’s also easy to find. 

Costco has Underwood rosé in a four-pack that sells for $16.99. 

Trader Joe’s sells single cans for $4.99. 

 Fred Meyer’s price:  $5.79. 

Most other stores,

including QFC, Safeway, Whole Foods and New Seasons,

have Underwood rosé at $5.99 per can.