Germany meets Washington – 2021 Eroica Riesling


“Riesling just isn’t my thing”

That’s a familiar refrain spoken by many U.S. wine drinkers.   

They often dismiss the varietal as being too sweet

and not food-friendly. 


Riesling defenders have a comeback. 

They argue that one shouldn’t generalize

about this multi-faceted wine.


They say that Rieslings can be dry, sweet or in-between…

aka “off-dry”…and can pair well with a wide variety of foods. 


Here’s what those who love Riesling 

say to those who loathe Riesling: 

“You just haven’t had a good one yet.”



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It’s Wine Thursday!  our weekly look

at a good wine that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy to find in store or online. 


This week, we’re checking out a collaborative effort

between German and American winemakers

who have made progress in their quest

to lead a Riesling revival. 



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Where it’s from

Over 20 years ago, two of the world’s top Riesling producers decided to

merge their Old World and New World wine-making philosophies. 

They’ve been smiling ever since.   

Germany’s Dr. Loosen and Washington state’s Chateau Ste. Michelle

collaborate to produce Eroica.  It’s made in Washington with

Washington state grapes but definitely reflects the inspiration

from Germany where Riesling has been an art form for centuries. 


What it is

I’m going to steal a line from one of my wine industry colleagues

who said Eroica tastes like “a combination of Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc”. 

That’s an accurate description. 


It’s pleasantly off-dry and has the appealing minerality present

in both of those wines.

But it does not have the strong cut-grass aroma

of Sauvignon Blanc nor the heavy petrol nose

that many would-be Riesling drinkers find unpleasant. 

There’s orange, peach and lemon-lime flavors that, combined with

a bit of effervescence, make Eroica taste a bit like 7 up…very refreshing. 

Serve it well-chilled and give it some time…

a 1/2 hour after pulling the cork…to open up.


This 2021 version is appealing now but,

typical of a quality Riesling,

could improve after a couple of years in cool storage.    


Where to buy it    

Fred Meyer has Eroica on the shelf for $17.99. 

Target’s price is $18.99

The price at QFC, Bevmo and Total Wine is $19.99. 

It’s at Safeway for $21.99. 

You can order it from Buy Wines Online for $14.95 

Empire Wine has it for $15.95 

The price at The Wine Buyer is $15.99 

Plum Market has it for $16.97  

and it’s at B-21 for $17.98