Good wine, low price, small commitment – Acrobat canned rosé

     Canned wine gained a foothold a few years back,  not necessarily for the quality

of what was inside the container but for the container itself. 

     Wine drinkers loved the convenient packaging and the smaller portions. 

     Now,  years later as the packaging novelty wears off,  there’s more

scrutiny on the wine itself. 

      As a result, canned wine is becoming more “premium”. 

     We’re beginning to see single-vineyard varietals and vintage dating

in the canned wine world. 

     In the meantime,  IMHO there is one type of wine that works best with aluminum…

and it’s not chardonnay,  pinot noir or  pinot gris.


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      It’s Wine Thursday!, our good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find

recommendation,  just in time for your weekend. 

      This week’s pick is a good example of what I believe to be the best

bang-for-your-buck type of canned wine:  rosé.




     The Acrobat family of bottled wines consistently provides good value. 

     Acrobat’s canned rosé doesn’t let the family down. 

     Featuring pinot gris and pinot noir, it reflects classic rosé flavors…

strawberry and a hint of citrus.   

     It is ever-so-slightly sweet but there’s also enough acidity to balance the act. 

     Compared to the increasing roster of grocery store’s canned rosés, 

I would rank it near the head of the class.

     Speaking of grocery stores, I found Acrobat’s rosé at Safeway and QFC for $5.99 a can. 

     Fred Meyer has it at $6.79.   

     The winery says they are currently sold out but if you would like to order online,

I found it at Super Cellars for $5.99.