A great place to buy wine. Super selection and prices. Unfortunately, you can’t drive to it.

Not only are we constantly on the lookout for great wine at great prices, we also continually search for the best stores to buy that great wine.

 The good news:  we just found an exceptional place to shop for wine.

The bad news:  it’s 2600 miles from Portland.


We’re on vacation now on Hawaii.  The Big Island.  A couple of days ago, we flew in to Kona International, then drove about 10 minutes to the local Costco.

No two Costcos have the exact same wine sections so I check out every one of them.

  I was beyond surprised here.

When it comes to wine,  this is one of the best Costcos I’ve ever seen.

Big selection?  Check.  Good prices?  Shockingly, check again.

Everything in Hawaii is extremely expensive.  Money just flies away here.  But the wine prices at the Kona Costco are fantastic.  The Costcos in Tigard and Portland charge more for Oregon pinot noir and pinot gris.  Go figure.  Plus, they have a deep  selection of California and European reds & whites…much more than at virtually every Costco I’ve visited on the mainland.

If you’re planning a trip to the Big Island (many are…tourism is way up here), it would be worth your while to check out the wine section at the Kona Costco.

 Then hit the beach.  The scenery is pretty decent.  Aloha!