Happy Halloween – Ghost Pines 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon


Perhaps it’s a marketing gimmick

or maybe it’s simply wine producers

just wanting to have a little fun. 


Regardless of the reason, there are dozens of everyday, inexpensive wines

with names that evoke evil, horror and dismembered body parts.  


There’s Phantom, Bewitched, Freakshow, River of Skulls, Dead Arm, Sinister Hand,

Big Red Monster, Dracula Pinot Noir and Macabre Merlot to name a few. 


Spoiler alert: though a wine with a frightening name

might seem just the thing for Halloween sipping,

many of the wines with the scary name

also taste a little scary too. 


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It’s Wine Thursday!   

Every Thursday, we check out a wine that is priced right

and is easy to find at the store or online. 


This week, we’re highlighting a wine that has one of those

Halloween-type names but there’s actually nothing gimmicky

about the name…or the wine.





Where it’s from  

The Ghost Pines winery is located in eastern Napa Valley. 

The name is a reference to a type of tree…the grey pine…

that “looms mysteriously along the hillsides”. 

So sure, there is a hint of mystery in the name

but there’s nothing contrived about this winery’s output.

For years, Ghost Pines has been a reliable producer

of low-to-mid-range reds and whites. 


What it is

The 2019  Cabernet Sauvignon is a reflection of 

Ghost Pines’ approach of going where the good grapes are every vintage.

The ’19 is a blend of Cabernet grapes sourced from Sonoma County,

Lake County and Napa County. 

Year in and year out, Ghost Pines consistently gets it right. 

This is a dry, medium-bodied wine that tastes of

plums, blackberries, vanilla and oak. 

There are hints of spice and chocolate topping it off. 

You should be able to find this for under 20 bucks.   

For that price, this is a solid offering in California Cabernet.   


Where to buy it

Ghost Pines 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is at Total Wine for $16.97. 

Vons has it for $17.77.  The price at QFC is $17.99. 

Target, Fred Meyer and Ralphs all carry it for $19.99. 

It’s at Safeway for $20.99.  Albertsons’ listed price is $24.99. 

Bevmo has it for $25.99. 

You can order it from Buy Wines Online for $15.95  


The price at Empire Wine is $16.95  


and it’s at Gary’s Wine and Marketplace for $16.99