Here comes Wine Thursday! and here comes summer… Chateau Ste. Michelle Horse Heaven Hills Sauvignon Blanc

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For our weekly good-buy-that’s-easy-to-find wine recommendation,

we’re getting a jump on summer with a Sauvignon Blanc 

Question: what is the ultimate summer wine? 

Answer: there is none. 

Everyone’s palette is different

making it impossible to single out one perfect wine

for the impending warm weather. 

I’d say there at least half a dozen whites ideal for summer sipping

and Sauvignon Blanc is absolutely in that group



pic courtesy Sunset Magazine

A terrific alternative to Chardonnay,

Sauvignon Blanc drinks well on its own. 

But with its citrusy, herbaceous flavors,

its a great match with any food prepared with…herbs!




With vineyards stretching virtually straight up from the Columbia River

in southeastern Washington, Horse Heaven Hills is a famous…

and picturesque…grape-growing region.





Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Horse Heaven Hills

is not their cheapest Sauvignon Blanc.

It’s one step…and one price-point…above.

But with its crisp, balanced taste profile,

it’s well worth the extra couple of bucks.  


Note: we’ve seen two vintages, 2016 & 2017, currently in stores. 

Both tasted virtually the same to us.  


When we said easy to find, we weren’t exaggerating.

This wine is at most every major store. 

You can find Chateau Ste. Michelle

Horse Heaven Hills Sauvignon Blanc

at Costco for $10.99, QFC for $12.99,

Fred Meyer for $13.49, Bale’s Thriftway for $13.99,

Safeway for $14.69 and Zupan’s for $18.50.