If unique is what you seek, here’s something you don’t see every day. A Tempranillo Rosé

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Since we’re in the middle of Oregon Wine Month,

how about an Oregon Rosé?   

But this isn’t your typical Oregon Rosé. 



you can’t make a rosé by running red wine

through a Brita filter. 

Also, I need a new Brita filter.





Most Oregon Rosés are made from Pinot Noir. 

Illahe makes theirs out of Tempranillo,

the main grape in Rioja,

perhaps Spain’s most famous wine. 

As a result, Illahe’s version of Rosé tastes different…tangy & spicy. 

If you like sweet Rosés, stay away.

  But if you enjoy a “lean” zesty Rosé, here you go. 


Last year, Illahe sold out

of their Rosé supply in two months. 

This year, they made more.


You can find Illahe’s 2018 Tempranillo Rosé at Fred Meyer for $16.99,

Whole Foods and New Seasons for $18.99,

and at Bale’s Thriftway and Market of Choice for $19.99. 

You can also order from the winery: