If you want to go low – Kim Crawford Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc


All of a sudden, the most popular talking points in wine

are not canned, orange and sparkling. 

Today’s hot buzzphrases are fewer calories, reduced carbs,

low-or-no alcohol and zero residual sugar. 


Virtually overnight, consumers have shifted toward healthier lifestyles

and more mindful consumption. 

Dry January is no longer a stand alone. 

Now Sober October has become another month

when many choose to abstain from alcohol.   

The sober curious movement has established a beachhead.



Winemakers now find themselves in scramble mode,

trying to crank out healthier versions of their standard lines. 


Some of the early versions of their “no-or-low” wine

were downright awful…all but undrinkable. 

But that situation is showing signs of improvement.

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It’s Wine Thursday!

when we shine a light on a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy to find at retail and online.   

This week’s featured wine goes low…low alcohol, low calories…

to appeal to the growing health-conscious crowd.


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Where it’s from    

The Kim Crawford Winery is located in the scenic Waihopai Valley

on New Zealand’s south island.  The winery’s claim to fame has always

been its classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.  They recently introduced

a low-alcohol, low-calorie version of their popular white.


What it is  

The following might sound like a backhanded compliment. 

It’s not. 

Kim Crawford’s Illuminate is one of the better

reduced-alcohol low-calorie wines available on the mass market. 

That’s actually high praise. 

While quality and selection in this segment is improving, 

most of the other low-alcohol, reduced-calorie offerings

are still downright dismal. 

Illuminate does a decent job of emulating Kim Crawford’s

commendable regular Sauvignon Blanc. 

It has the grapefruit and grassy flavors you’d expect. 

Unfortunately,  they’re somewhat watered down. 

They can’t compete with a strong

citrusy, tart sensation that steals the show. 

But at 70 calories per serving and 7% alcohol, 

this is surprisingly good wine and certainly worth a try.  


Where to find it  

Kim Crawford’s Illuminate is at Total Wine, Target and QFC for $14.99. 

The price at Vons is $15.54. 

Safeway and Fred Meyer have it for $15.99. 

It’s $16.99 at Albertsons and BevMo. 

Ralphs’ price is $17.13. 

You can order it from B-21 for $12.99  


It’s also available at Luekens for $12.99  


The price at Mike’s Wine & Spirits is $13.99