Inflation-fighting Zin – Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel


Inflation has affected the price of many consumer staples

over the past two years.  

Many…but not all.  


The price of wine (which many of us consider

to be a “staple”)  has not balooned nearly as much

as the price of gas, eggs and butter.  

Here’s anecdotal evidence.  


When this website was launched six years ago in March 2017,

the first wine we reviewed was Seghesio’s Sonoma County Zin.

Six years later, that same wine (different vintage, of course

but essentially the same wine)

sells for the same price as it did in 2017.  


In fact, it’s a dollar cheaper now at Costco…

two dollars less at QFC…than it was 6 years ago.  

On the other hand, the price of eggs

has increased nearly 60% in the past year. 


The takeaway:  Save money.  Skip the eggs.  Go for the zin.

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It’s Wine Thursday!  

Every Thursday, we check out a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find

at the store and online.  

This week, we’re revisiting a perennial

Pat The Wine Guy All Star.


We liked it then.  

We still like it now.






Where it’s from  

In Healdsburg, California in the heart of Sonoma County

wine country, the Seghesio family has been

at this for a while….a long while.

The Seghesios first planted Zinfandel wines in 1895.  

128 years later, they’re still delivering stellar

bang-for-the-buck zinfandel.


What it is

Seghesio’s 2021 entry-level offering is a savory, vibrant,

energetic zin.  With just a touch of sweetness,

it takes you right to the brink of “zinfandel jammy”

but its solid acidity keeps it from crossing that line. 

The tannins are strong, the body is full  

and the overall impression is lush.  

If you can wait, open at least 1/2 hour before pouring.  

And serve is slightly chilled to maximize its dark fruit flavors.


Where to buy it  

You’ll find Seghesio’s Sonoma County Zinfandel at Costco for $18.99.

Total Wine’s price is $18.97.  It’s at Vons for $21.10.  

It’s $21.99 at Fred Meyer and BevMo.  

It’s on the shelf at QFC for $22.99.  

The price at Target is $24.99 and $25.70 at Ralphs.  

You can order it from Binny’s for $17.99   

Saratoga Wine Exchange has it for $18.45 

Or you can order from Buy Wines Online where the price is $18.50