June 9 is National Rosé Day which means summer, and rosé season, is just around the corner!

National Rosé Day is always the second Saturday in June, usually the same day as the annual Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade.  Thus, it’s a lock:  it will rain in Portland.

But there’s an upside.   Both events remind us that summer, and rosé season, are not far away.

My fellow Americans, pat yourself on the back.  Your unrelenting efforts to drink as much rosé as you can get your hands on has vaulted the US into #2 status in the world.  Only the French now knock back more rosé than Americans.

The surge in popularity is no surprise. This is the golden age of rosé.  Go to your favorite grocery or wine shop.  You’ll see more reasonably-priced, terrific-tasting rosés than ever before.

We’re featuring three…Bertrand’s Cote des Roses from Languedoc in southern France, Jolivet’s rosé of pinot noir from Sancerre in the Loire region just south of Paris and a local, Stoller, which comes from the heart of  Yamhill County wine country.

All three are available around town.  At last check, they had boatloads of the Cote des Roses at Costco.  It’s also at QFC and Fred Meyer.  Stoller’s easy to find:  Zupan’s, QFC, Fred Meyer and New Seasons.   The Jolivet is at Trader Joe’s.

But these three are merely the tip of the rosé iceberg.  We’ll be posting all summer long about the many other rosés populating local store shelves.   Warm summer weather and cool rosé in the glass.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!