Just ask for the wine named after the Mesopotamian goddess of fermentation…

It’s Wine Thursday!

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just in time for your weekend. 


We’re wine-ding up Oregon Wine Month with a Pinot that salutes the past.  

Let’s all raise a glass in a salute to Mesopotamians. 

A few thousand years ago, they got this whole party started

when they discovered how to turn fermented grapes into wine. 

They didn’t rest on their Mesopotamian laurels. 

They also figured out how to make beer. 

With that impressive double play, the Mesopotamians

are now my personal favorite ancient civilization.




Siduri was the Mesopotamian’s

“wise divinity of beer & wine”. 

Fast-forward a couple thousand years. 

A California couple starts a winery in Sonoma County and names it Siduri. 

Soon, Siduri stretches north and begins making a Willamette Valley pinot noir. 

This has become a bit of a trend:  California-based wineries,

such as Siduri, La Crema and Walt,

producing pinot in both states. 


 The Siduri 2016 Willamette Valley is good stuff. 

Medium-to-full bodied, it’s strikes a nice balance

between rich berry flavors and the tangy acidity

you’d expect from an Oregon pinot. 

You can find Siduri Willamette Valley at Fred Meyer and QFC for $22.99. 

Note:  we tasted the ’16. 

We have not tasted the ’17 which, we notice,

is starting to show up on the shelves.




As we bid a fond adieu to Oregon Wine Month,

let’s take one more look at our Wine Thursday!

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