If you like weekends and you like wine, you’ll love this weekend in Oregon!


Not THAT “The Weekend”.

We’re talking about The Weekend that Oregon wineries and Oregon wine lovers look forward to all year.

Memorial Day weekend is one big, fat state-wide open house at Oregon wineries.

This post is not a commercial for the local wine industry.  Rather, it’s a heads up for those who might not be aware that, other than Thanksgiving weekend, this is theeee big blowout of the year in the state.

Wineries that typically aren’t open will have the “welcome” sign out.

Wines that we (that’s you and me) typically never see, let alone drink, will be poured.

Activities that  typically aren’t associated with wine tasting will grab your attention while you sip away.

Hundreds of wineries from locations far and wide will be involved, including the urban wineries in Portland, the pinot noir icons in Yamhill County continuing over to Salem and down to Eugene, the fast-growing southern concerns near Roseburg and Jacksonville and the fledgling vintners to the east in Hood River.

Does every winery participate?  Pretty much, including a few of my personal faves that are only open twice a year,  such as  Brick House, Walter Scott, Belle Pente and Shea Wine Cellars.

What’s going on?   Depending on where you visit, you’ll experience salsa dancing, art exhibits, bocce, cornhole and, of course, a ton of live music.   What will you eat?  The snacking menus will include everything from duck confit sliders  to mushroom tarts to cuban tapas to wood-fired pizza to brats.

Most importantly, what will you drink?  It’s truly a remarkable variety of varietals.   Other than the usual suspects, pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay and riesling,  the wineries will be pouring viognier, blanc de noir, meunier, syrah, pinot blanc, dolcetto, gewürtztraminer, cabernet franc, müller-thurgau, trousseau, grenache, grenache blanc, claret, zinfandel, tempranillo, sauvignon blanc, sparkling wine (aka champagne), rosé…even port.

Some wineries get a jump on things and kick off on Friday but for the most part, festivities begin Saturday morning and continue through Monday afternoon.

For details on tasting fees, hours, pourings, special events, dog tolerance, frisbee-friendly grounds, etc.,