Middle-of-the-week chardonnay! 2015 Skyfall

There are special occasions when we’re willing to splurge on the wine for a noteworthy event.

Then there are Wednesday nights.

 And Monday nights.

 And Thursday nights.

You’re not necessarily celebrating anything,  don’t want to break the bank, but still would like a decent glass.

Skyfall Chardonnay is one mid-week non-special-occasion option.

( Yes, the wine & winery/vineyard are called Skyfall but no, there won’t be any James Bond references or jokes.  That’s way too easy.  Great movie BTW.)

Palatable chardonnay for less than $13 is rare indeed.  Skyfall is an exception.  I’m going to steal some lines from my friend Gary Grilli, the steward at Walker Rd. Fred Meyer in Beaverton.  Gary calls Skyfall  “perfectly balanced with a touch of oak and lots of style”.

  We checked around town and the highest price for Skyfall was $12.99.  At its pricepoint,  we’ll place Skyfall in the “pleasant surprise” category. And certainly worthy of a Thursday/Tuesday/any day pour.

Note: there are still a few bottles of the 2014 vintage in Portland-area stores.  But for the most part, you’ll find 2015 on the shelf.  And as of August 8, we found Skyfall chardonnay at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood      $10.99         Fred Meyer   Hawthorne      $10.99

QFC  Burnside & NE 56th   $10.99        QFC   NE 33rd                      $10.99

Safeway NE 69th & Sandy  $12.99        Safeway  Hawthorne            $12.99


Fred Meyer    Stadium          $10.99       Fred Meyer  Beaverton       $10.99

Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.        $10.99        Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills    $10.99

QFC  Barnes & Miller           $10.99        Safeway  NW  Lovejoy        $12.99

Safeway  Cornell Rd.             $12.99


Fred Meyer  SW Barbur         $10.99        Fred Meyer  Tualatin         $10.99

Safeway      SW Barbur          $12.99       Safeway  Lake Oswego      $12.99