New label but same reliable wine – Evolution 2020 Big Time Red


New labels for established wine? 

We see it occasionally and we’re never quite sure why it happens. 


Most wine shoppers are in a hurry.   They usually know what bottle

they’re looking for.  They want to grab it and go rather than spend time

perusing shelf after shelf in search of their tried-and-true favorite.

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Here’s our weekly feature in which we spotlight a

good wine that sells for a reasonable price

and is easy to find…at the store, online or both. 

We call it Wine Thursday! 

This week, we’re revisiting a popular high-value wine. 

It’s the same solid red blend we’ve grown accustomed to

over several years but it’s sporting a new look.


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This was the label that Sokol Blosser Winery used

when it launched its initial version of Evolution Red Blend. 

Sokol Blosser stayed with this look for 7 years as

Evolution Red became a perennial best buy. 


The 2020 version has undergone a marketing refresh

with an updated label and a slightly different name. 

It’s now known as “Big Time Red”. 

What hasn’t changed is what’s inside the bottle. 

Evolution has always been an interesting blend of

out-of-the-mainstream (for the U.S.) grapes. 

2020 is no exception. 

This is a combination of Sangiovese,

Nero d’Avola, Montepulciano, Syrah and,

just to make it even more interesting,

Sokol Blosser adds a dash of their Evolution White blend.   

This results in a savory, slightly spicy, very gulpable red. 

With bold cherry flavors

working seamlessly with the medium tannins,

Evolution is reminiscent of a classic Italian table wine. 


We found Evolution 2020 Big Time Red at Costco for $11.99.   

Same price at Fred Meyer, $11.99.

Trader Joe’s has it for $12.99. 

The price at Total Wine is $13.97. 

You can order it from Saratoga Wine Exchange for $11.94

Empire Wine lists it at $12.95 

You can order it from B-21 for $13.98 

or from the winery for $15