Nov. 12 is International Tempranillo Day. Celebrate with a local (Roseburg) version, Abacela’s 2014 Fiesta

As we established in an earlier post, there is a “day” for everything.

Why not tempranillo?

Hey, we’re not complaining.  We love tempranillo-based wines.  The predominant grape of Spain, tempranillo is the foundation for many stick-to-your-ribs reds from  the Rioja, Ribera Del Duero and Penedés regions.

What does this have to do with Roseburg, Oregon?

Long ago and far away…over 20 years ago in Florida to be exact…a husband-and-wife scientist team, Earl and Hilda Jones, became  fascinated by all things tempranillo.  They did their research and found that the micro-climate in the hills near Roseburg had the absolute best conditions for growing tempranillo in the entire U.S. of A.

So just like that,  the Jones family packed up their lives and moved from Florida to Roseburg to chase their dream.

Now, they’re living the dream.

They’ve established Abacela as one of the Northwest’s most unique wineries.

Their 2014 Fiesta Tempranillo is another in a long line of Abacela successes.

I’m not wild about their entry level tempranillo, Vintner’s Blend 17.  But for a few dollars more,  Abacela’s Fiesta delivers vibrant fruit flavors while also showing some of that trademark tempranillo power and punch.

Abacela.  It’s a nice story and a good tempranillo.

As of November 6, we found Abacela 2014 Fiesta at:



Fred Meyer Hollywood          $21.79     Fred Meyer  Hawthorne              $21.79

Safeway NE 69th & Sandy     $22.99     Safeway  Hawthorne                  $22.99

New Seasons  Hollywood       $22.99    Whole Foods  NE 43rd & Sandy $22.99


Fred Meyer Stadium           $21.79      Fred Meyer Beaverton                 $21.79

Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.       $21.79     Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills             $21.79

Safeway  NW Cornell Rd.     $22.99     New Seasons NW Raleigh           $22.99

Bales Thriftway Cornell Rd.  $22.99     Safeway NW Lovejoy                  $22.99

Zupan’s  Burnside                 $26.50


Fred Meyer    SW Barbur       $21.79      Fred Meyer  Tualatin              $21.79

Safeway   SW Barbur               $22.99     Safeway Lake Oswego           $22.99

New Seasons  Tualatin            $22.99     New Seasons  Mountain Park  $22.99

Zupan’s  Lake Oswego            $26.50