NZ SB – Yealands Marlborough 2021 Sauvignon Blanc


Do you know the definition of antipode?

I had to look it up too.   

According to Merriam Webster, an antipode refers to

“parts of the earth diametrically opposite, often used

in reference to Australia and New Zealand and their contrast

to the Western hemisphere.” 


The wines from AU & NZ

Antipode is occasionally used to refer to the wines from Down Under.

That’s misleading.   

There are great quantities of fine wine being produced in AU and NZ.

There’s nothing “diametrically opposite”, i.e., inferior

about the vast majority of them. 


Beware the “Tail”

Of course, there’s always an exception or two. 

For example, any Australian wine that has a kangaroo on the label

and “tail” in its name should be given a wide berth.


Basic RGB


It’s Wine Thursday!   

Every week we check out a good wine that sells at a reasonable price

and is easy to find at your store and online. 


This Thursday, we’re looking at an antipode wine

that we are not diametrically opposed to.   

We found it to be quite compatible.



NZ Wine


Where it’s from

This week’s wine comes to us from the renowned Marlborough wine region

of New Zealand.  Overlooking Cook Strait, the body of water that separates

NZ’s two main islands, Marlborough has become New Zealand’s most important

wine region, particularly famous for Sauvignon Blanc.


What it is

Recently celebrating their 15th anniversary as a winery, Yealands hasn’t

been in the business that long.  But in a relatively short period,

Yealands has dialed in the NZ SB “formula”. 

Their 2021 offering shows the essential crisp acidity and

punchy fruit flavors that have made New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

a runaway global success. 

This isn’t wine to be contemplated. 

It’s meant to be enjoyed for what it is…a refreshing easy-to-drink white

with pineapple/grapefruit flavors that lead to a

medium, well-balanced finish. 

Serve well chilled.


Where to buy it

Total Wine has Yealands 2021 for $11.49. 

It’s at Vons for $13.32.

Fred Meyer and QFC have it for $16.99. 

You can pick it up at Santa Rosa’s Bottle Barn

or order it online for $11.49 

All-Star Wine lists it at $12.99 

Rye Brook Wine & Spirit has it for $13.99 

Same price at Wine Made Easy…$13.99 

And also has it for $13.99