One of the most interesting people in sports…and wine


We’re back with “The Other Side of Wine”,

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what’s unusual, unique and interesting in the wine world

…other than wine





One of the most intriguing personalities in the NBA

won’t be involved when the finals start later this week. 

Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs,

is well known for his rough and gruff demeanor. 

What is not so well known is his great love for wine and his extraordinary generosity. 


 Pop does not suffer fools lightly.  

Pity the poor TV interviewer who asks him the wrong question

which to Pop is more or less any question. 

But the on-court curmudgeon does have a softer side,

especially when it comes to wine.





Popovich is co-owner of A to Z, one of Oregon’s top producers.

He’s also a serious wine collector and an avid wine consumer. 

Pop regularly treats his entire team to post-game meals

where the wine tab alone has been known to reach five…that’s right…five figures! 

Insiders say it’s not unusual for the wine bill to top $20K…and it’s all on coach. 

Also, there’s the story, confirmed by several,

that Pop once left a $5000 tip…on an $815 restaurant bill. 


Here’s a link to a terrific article about Popovich from ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. 

It’s a great read about a unique personality from the sports world…

the wine world…any world.