Oregon pinot from a California brand – La Crema 2017 Willamette Valley

You’re probably familiar with La Crema

and its ubiquitous California chardonnay. 

You might not know that La Crema also produces pinot noir…

in California and beyond.


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For Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price

that-you-can-find recommendation,

we’re featuring La Crema’s first foray into Oregon pinot,

their 2017 Willamette Valley. 


We blind tasted this with two other pinots,

one from Oregon and one from California.

The La Crema was the most expensive of the three but,

in our assessment, well worth the extra couple of bucks.


  With layers of strawberry and cherry flavors,

it struck our tasting team as a classic, well-made Oregon pinot noir.




Heads up! 

There’s a good chance that La Crema’s Sonoma Coast pinot noir

might also be on the shelf. 

Make sure you grab the Willamette Valley. 

It’s a better bottle of wine. 


You can find La Crema’s 2017 Willamette Valley

at Fred Meyer and QFC for $27.79

and at Whole Foods for $27.99. 

You can also order it from the winery 


and from Wine.com