Oregon Wine Month continues – Abacela Albariño

To celebrate Oregon Wine Month,

one could opt for the obvious, i.e.,

go for the Pinot. 

While you could easily enjoy 31 different

Oregon Pinot Noirs…one for every day

in the month of May…this week we decided

to zig while everyone else zags.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly


that-you-can-find review,

just in time for the weekend. 

Is the wine from the Willamette Valley? 

Nah, too obvious. 

This week’s featured wine is produced

in an area more known for lumber

than vino…





Curve ball #2:  it’s a wine that is usually associated

with Spain or Portugal, not Oregon. 

The wine is Albariño.



For over 25 years, the folks who run the

Abacela Winery have been

walking the path less traveled. 

They’ve experimented with a number

of non-traditional (for Oregon) grapes

such as Malbec, Dolcetto and their

claim to fame, Tempranillo. 

They’ve also experimented with Albariño. 

The 2019 version of the experiment is a success. 


What a terrific alternative white this is. 

It comes out strong with orange and lemon aromas and flavors. 

It’s dry and light with zippy acidity. 

There’s an undertone of salinity, i.e., slightly-salty flavor

which makes this wine a perfect match

with any and all seafood. 

This would also pair well

with leafy green salads. 


We found the 2019 Abacela Albariño

at QFC and Fred Meyer for $16.99.   

You can order it online from

Big Hammer Wines for $18.98


from MadWine for $19.99


and from Wine.com for $21.99


The winery is currently selling the 2020 vintage for $21