Paso Robles Cabernet – Josh 2018 Paso Robles Reserve


Napa is unquestionably the best known wine producing area in California. 

But Napa is only the beginning.

California now lists 107 officially recognized wine grape growing regions. 

The variety in climate, topography and soil throughout the state leads to

a vast diversity in offerings. 

The “typical” California wine? 

There’s really no such thing.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-

that-you-can-find recommendation, just in time

for your weekend. 

This week, we’re checking out a Cabernet Sauvignon

that comes from one of the largest wine-producing

areas in California that isn’t Napa.



courtesy Wine Folly

South of the Bay Area, north of LA, west of Bakersfield and east of the Pacific,

Paso Robles is massive. 

A few years ago, they broke it up into

11 different viticultural areas. 

Before the breakup, Paso Robles was nearly triple the size of Napa Valley. 

Generally speaking, it’s a warm region

that typically produces rich and hearty red wines. 

Josh Cellars Paso Robles 2018 reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

falls into that category.   


Right out of the bottle, this is super-rich…excessively sweet. 

But after exposure to air for 30 minutes, it rounds out. 

It’s a wine with medium tannins and medium body. 

Flavors of black cherry and cinnamon show through. 

It has a complexity & balance that isn’t guaranteed

with Cabernet at this price point. 

The Josh reserve would pair nicely with a steak or roast

but it would also be fine on its own.


The Josh Cellars Paso Robles 2018 reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

should be easy to find.   

Empire Wine lists it at $15.95

The price at Fred Meyer is $18.99.  QFC has it for $19.99. 

Buster’s Liquors, who claims “if we don’t have it. you don’t need it”,

sells Josh Paso Robles reserve for $19.99

Safeway and Albertson’s both carry it for $20.99.