Polarizing Pinot Noir – 2021 Meiomi


No one wine is going to please everyone. 

That’s a given. 

Everyone has their own palette. 

There is no specific Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or

any other particular bottle that will satisfy

all of the people all of the time.


Since the inception of this site five years ago,

one of our priorities has been to seek out wines that we believe…

at least we hope

will be enjoyed by the majority of those who read PTWG.


Occasionally, we come across a wine

that checks some of the boxes,

i.e, it’s sells for less than $30 and is easy to find.


But it also splits the crowd,

eliciting diametrically opposed opinions

depending on who’s doing the

tasting and the talking.


For these polarizing wines,

some will love them while others will loathe them. 

That’s when it starts to get fun. 


We’re checking out one such wine in this post.

So get ready to pick your side.

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It’s Wine Thursday! 


Every Thursday, we check out a wine that’s reasonably priced

and is easy to find at your store or online. 


This week we’re looking under the hood of a wine that

can be characterized as a “New World” Pinot Noir.






Where it’s from   

With the state animal, the grizzly bear, prominently displayed on the front label,

Meiomi makes it clear that they are a California producer. 

Meiomi’s main winery is located near Lodi in the San Joaquin Valley

but they have wine-making facilities…and they source grapes…

from throughout the entire state. 

Fun fact:  Meiomi was founded by the Walker family

who also started the cult fave winery, Caymus. 

The Walkers sold Meiomi to Constellation Brands a few years ago

for $315 million. 


What it is  

First, let’s sort out “New World” vs. “Old World”.   


In general, Old World Pinot Noir is considered to be delicate, earthy and restrained. 

Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Burgundy from France

are typically categorized as Old World.


On the other hand, New World Pinot is usually bold, 

heavily-oaked, lower in acid and higher in alcohol. 

New World Pinot is typically produced in warmer regions.


Meomi’s version, a blend of grapes from Sonoma, Monterey

and Santa Barbara, lines up with the New World taste profile.   


It’s full of jammy, dark red fruit flavors up front with

tobacco, cinnamon and vanilla notes at the finish. 

It’s easy to mistake it for a Cabernet Sauvignon or

a warm-climate red blend…two varieties that many 

wine drinkers prefer…which might explain why

Meiomi seemingly has as many champions as detractors.


Those who prefer a lighter, vibrant more nuanced wine

will probably struggle with Meiomi. 

Those who lean toward a “bigger” wine

with pronounced fruit flavors and fuller body

will most likely enjoy it. 


I suggest you give it a spin.   

After the first glass, you’ll know where you weigh in

on the “New World vs. Old World” scale.


Where to buy it

Meomi Pinot Noir is widely distributed. 

It’s at Costco for $14.49. The price at Total Wine is $16.97. 

You’ll find it at Walmart, Fred Meyer and QFC for $18.98. 

Target, Trader Joe’s and Ralphs all carry it for $19.99. 

Safeway’s price is $22.99.   

You can order it from Woods Wholesale Wine for $16.87  


The price at Plum Market Wine is $17.97 


Gary’s Wine & Marketplace has it for $19.17  


The price at Vine Republic is $19.18  


and Wine Library carries it for $19.99